Welcome to the Home of The Lady Vengeance

How’s about a little “Christmas Cheer”, Softball version of Twas the Night Before Christmas:

Twas The Night Before Christmas and out on the field,

Visions of the games start feeling so real.

Players in Uniform and I in my cap

Waiting on the sign to swing, bunt, or slap.

The game score was tied – energy was high

Both teams waiting for that victory cry.

The top of the 7th – We need 1 more run,

This is our moment to shine in the sun.

The home team is ready with a tight infield,

And outfielders are ready, no runs would they yield.

No matter the batter, they’ve come so far

It might just be their turn to be the star.

Could be anyone from our fantastic team,

As we line the fence getting ready to scream.

The tension was building, the outfield was deep

All the fans-(who were able)-rose to their feet.

The pitcher was ready her foot on the rubber,

Taking her time to avoid a big flubber,

What pitch would she throw, what pitch could she pop,

A high outside riser or a tight inside drop,

We waited, our breath held, our heartbeats erratic,

We knew when it happened, we’d all be ecstatic.

We waited for lightning to flash from the mound.

Would the speed of the pitch be faster than sound?

What happened next, was a whole lot of chatter

The opposing team tries to rattle our batter.

The batter is ready, she digs in her cleats,

Waiting for the bat and ball to meet

But finally she delivered… a near perfect pitch,

It baffled the batter who could see every stitch.

She death gripped the bat, she planted her feet,

This want-to-be hero would not taste defeat.

Reared back in fervor she swung for the fence

“I can’t possibly miss”, we’re all in suspense.

The ball waffled in, curved left and then right

We knew it was doomed to an out of sight flight.

She made it, she’s safe, she’d hit it just right,
Shouting Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!